Where can I get a money order near me? (2023)

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You want to send or receive cash and you're wondering, "Where can I get a money order near me?"

If you're unfamiliar with money orders, how they work, or why you might want to get one, this article explains everything you need to know about it.

A money order is like a personal check. It's a piece of paper that, if legitimate, is worth hard cash.

Need to send cash to a family member or friend, or for a business transaction?

Use a money order. It offers a convenient way to transfer cash to them.

You can also receive cash via money orders from your senders in the same way.

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Did you know that a money order is more secure than a personal check?

Unlike a personal check, a money order cannot bounce. If the recipient of the money provides proper ID or other requirements, they will receive the full amount.

On the part of the money sender there is no possibility of overdraft and the resulting fees.

How does a money order work?

It's really easy. This practical financial device facilitates the exchange of money in various transactions.

But unlike the usual money exchange, there is a third party that facilitates the money transfer.

To speed up the money transfer, the sender pays a third-party company, such asWestern UnionÖmoney gramsto get the money. The third company, in turn, will deliver the cash to the recipient.

A money order transaction is generally used when the sender of the cash and the recipient do not live in the same place; Therefore, it may not be possible to physically deliver the cash.

In order for the money to be transferred from the sender to the recipient, a third-party company takes the order from the sender's branch and transmits it to the recipient's branch.

This order contains the instruction to pay the recipient a specified amount of cash provided by the sender. Payment is only possible if the recipient has provided proper identification, the required transaction serial number or other similar requirements.

To facilitate the cash transfer, the sender pays the third-party company for the fees associated with the transaction. This usually happens when the sender deposits the funds with the third-party company.

Why do you want a money order?

There are several reasons why you might want to receive a money order.

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Perhaps you want to give someone money as payment for an item you have purchased. Or it could be services provided to you.

Would you like to give money to family or friends?

A money order can also serve as a personal check. If you want to give someone money and don't have a checking account, a money order will do.

In fact, it's a safer form of payment than a check.

Did you know that sending a money order is safer than cash or checks?

Anyone looking for money can access it immediately. On the other hand, a check can be susceptible to fraud or counterfeiting before it is misappropriated.

In the case of a money order, the name of the recipient is given. The payment is also guaranteed by the third party company that facilitated the money transfer.

Should it be lost in transit, it is up to the third party company to issue a new one at no additional cost to the sender or recipient.

Compare that to cash or a personal check.

If the cash is lost in transit, the payer's obligation to pay does not expire and the payment must still be made.

The same applies to the loss of a personal check. The obligation to pay remains and the issuer of the check must fulfill his part by making payment.

How do I know if the money order I received is legitimate or not?

This concern is understandable. Even cash and checks are made and circulated as if they were genuine.

If you come across a money order and are in doubt as to whether it is real and legitimate, your best bet is to contact the company that issued it. Ask them to verify their genuineness or authenticity.

Here are some of the most common signs that it is fake or counterfeit:

  • The amount appearing on the front has been altered, edited, tampered with or altered.
  • The dollar amount is overstated at more than $1,000.
  • Western Union, MoneyGram, and other similar issuing companies often place watermarks on their payment instructions; If it is missing, you can take it as a sign that it is fake or counterfeit.

If someone gives you a money order with these telltale signs and you feel something is wrong, you can refuse to accept it.

How much does a money order cost?

Prices may vary. Some companies charge a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the amount involved in the money order.

Banks usually charge more than retail stores. However, if you have an account with the bank, you may not be charged the fees.

Where can I get a money order near me?

You can usually get a money order from a bank.

However, these days you can also get it from companies like MoneyGram and Western Union.

If you received one from any of the above, you can deposit it directly into your bank as if it were cash.

Get a money order from your local bank.

Do you have an account at your house bank?

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You can get it at your bank or redeem it there. However, please note that fees may apply.

Check with your local bank for policies on buying or selling money orders and applicable fees.

Where else can I get a money order?

Some of the most popular locations for money orders include:

  • Walmart,
  • 7 Elf,
  • and the United States Postal Service.

Let's discuss each.

1. Walmart

The largest hypermarket chain in the United States offers money order services.

What Walmart sells are MoneyGram money orders, which charge fees ranging from 70 cents to 88 cents per money order.

The quantity limit for each money order is $1,000.

Would you like to redeem a money order?

You can go to Walmart and cash it out. However, this is only possible if the money order was obtained from any Walmart location.

To redeem a Walmart money order, you'll need to pay around $3 to $6, depending on the amount.

2. 7-Elf

Don't have a Walmart, Western Union, or MoneyGram store near you?

You're probably wondering, "Where can I get a money order near me?"

Well, you can get a money order at any of the 8,000 7-Eleven locations across the US. Isn't that practical?

What 7-Eleven offers are money orders issued by Western Union or MoneyGram depending on your location. However, prices may vary in each store.

The convenience store chain charges about 65 cents per payment order, or 1 to 3 percent of the total amount involved, depending on the location of the store.

Depending on your location, the money order amount limit is $500 to $1,000.

However, 7-Eleven does not collect payment orders.

3. United States Postal Service

Guess what! Your friendly neighborhood post office sells money orders.

Find information about money orders offered by the United States Postal Service.

The agency does not use MoneyGram or Western Union. It has its own brand of money orders.

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However, USPS fees are higher compared to the other outlets, ranging from $1.25 to $1.70.

The USPS money order has an amountlimit to $1,000.

You can pick it up at the post office. I suggest you check the collection agency's policy or fees for money orders.

4. CVS-Pharmacy

Did you know that CVS Pharmacy sells money orders?

CVS Pharmacy uses MoneyGram money orders and charges 99 cents for each. The quantity limit set for each payment order isonly up to $500.

You may want to check with your nearest CVS pharmacy for further instructions on selling these money orders.

Please note that the pharmacy does not accept payment instructions.

5. Meijer supermarkets

Do you have a Meijer supermarket near you?

Most of their locations are in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. If you are nearby, you can get a Western Union money order.

Meijer supermarkets charge 65 cents for each payment order. The sumThe limit for each money order is $500.

Like CVS Pharmacy, Meijer supermarkets do not collect money orders.

6. Kroger Family Stores

With more than 2,700 stores across the United States, Kroger Family Stores also operates under many different brands. These include the stores of Fry's, Smith's, King Sooper's, Dillon's and Fred Meyer.

Check with your local location to see if they offer money orders; Some branches or shops may not offer them.

However, for those who do, Kroger's Family Stores and its affiliates sell Western Union money orders.

They charge around 70 cents per money order, but fees can vary by location or branch.

the amount limit can also vary,either $500 or $1,000 depending on location.

7. Market

Please note that some Kmart stores may not sell money orders. Check with your local store if they carry these.

But when they do, Kmart sells and takes Western Union money ordersa limit of $500t, and with prices ranging from 69 cents to $1.25, depending on the store or location.

8. Publix grocery stores

With locations in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, Publix Grocery Stores is one of the premier outlets in the Southeast United States.

What Publix offers are Western Union money orders. The supermarket chain charges 85 cents per money order. However, no payment instructions are collected.

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If you're wondering if your GreenWise affiliate sells or collects money orders, no, it doesn't.

9. Gigante

You may want to check with Giant's customer service for fees and policies for the money orders they sell. There are reports that fees vary by location.

The money orders they sell are issued by Western Union and usually cost around a dollar or two. The quantity limit for each money order isfixed at $1,000.

However, Giant does not collect money orders.

10. Let's go

Do you prefer Western Union and MoneyGram?

At Vons you get both.

For Western Union money orders, Vons charges between 99 cents and $1.50 or depending on the amount. the amount lThe limit set per payment order is USD 1,000.

On the other hand, MoneyGram money orders cost 89 cents each and have an amount limit of up to $500.

To purchase these money orders, Vons only accepts cash.

Vons does not collect payment orders.

11. Kwik Journey

Kwik Trip only offers MoneyGram money orders. Quantity limit for each is up to$500 or up to $1,000 per person.You can buy one for 99 cents.

On the other hand, Kwik Trip does not collect payment orders.

12. Royal Farms

Royal Farms sells MoneyGram money orders with quantity limits ofonly up to $300.He also charges more than usual, which is $1.25 a piece.

It only accepts cash for your payment and also does not take money orders.

13. Rite of Help

Did you know that Rite Aid sells Western Union money orders?

Rite Aid charges a fee of 99 cents and the amount limit is howeverup to $500.However, they do not collect money orders.

Who collects money orders near me?

You can pick it up at the local office of the third party company that facilitated the transfer.

Please note that some branches only have sufficient cash and may not offer a pick-up service.

Walmart has collection services for internal money orders. You may also want to check with other grocery stores.

Cashing in your money order is easy. The process is similar to cashing a check.

(Video) How do I get a money order from 7 Eleven?

Just present a valid photo ID. You must sign the back of the money order and request payment in cash or to an account.

To be a valid pickup request, the name on your ID (with photo) must match the name on the money order.

Acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, passport, military or government service ID, and permanent resident card.


What is the easiest way to get a money order? ›

Go to any Post Office location. Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler's check. You cannot pay with a credit card. Fill out the money order at the counter with a retail associate.

Can I walk into any bank and get a money order? ›

Any Bank or Credit Union

You may pay a fee, typically around $5, but you should be able to walk into a local bank or credit union branch and request a money order. You should not need to have an account at the bank or credit union to do this.

Can I buy a money order at CVS? ›

Yes. You can purchase a money order at one of the over 9,900 CVS locations across the country. CVS relies on MoneyGram money orders, which is a provider of money transfer and payment services.

How much does money orders cost? ›

Money orders are typically used for smaller amounts than cashier's checks and that is reflected in the fee to purchase one. Depending upon where you purchase a money order, the fee ranges from $0.35 to $2.00. Money orders are typically capped at $1,000.

Can I get a money order at Walgreens? ›

Does Walgreens Sell Money Orders? No, Walgreens does not sell money orders. It does, however, sell money transfers via Western Union. The difference between a money order and a money transfer is negligible.

Can I get a money order without a bank account? ›

You don't need a checking account to purchase or cash a money order. Only the recipient can cash the money order.

How can I get a money order at home? ›

Steps to fill out a money order
  1. Fill in the name of the recipient. Write the name of the recipient of the money order in the “pay to” or “pay to the order of” field. ...
  2. Include your address in the purchaser section. ...
  3. Write the account or order number in the memo field. ...
  4. Sign your name in the purchaser's signature section.
13 Jun 2022

Are money orders available instantly? ›

Use a money order in situations where you need to pay someone and need the payment to be secure but available immediately. Because a money order is prepaid and backed by a third party, it can be used for situations where you need to provide immediate funds, but still want to do it securely.

Can you get an online money order? ›

Money orders are now available online, although they're a bit different from the ones you purchase in person. First off, what is a money order? It is similar to a check, except payment is guaranteed as someone already paid for it using cash, a credit card or a debit card.

Which is cheaper a money order or cashier's check? ›

If you need to make a payment of more than $1,000, you could simply buy enough money orders to cover the cost. Money orders are cheaper than cashier's checks. The U.S. Postal Service charges just $1.45 for a money order up to $500 and $1.95 for money orders from $500.01 to $1,000 . Walmart charges a maximum $1 fee.


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