Dragon Mother: Reisterstown's native, Mallory Rubins Passion, deepens the "Game of Thrones" podcast in the popular "Game of Thrones". (2023)

If there is a background to the Mallory Rubin Pasion, nobody found it.

It is 10 a.m. in his hometown in Los Angeles, 15 hours after Arya Stark killed the night king in a pioneering episode of "Game of Thrones"."Talk to the throne"And she thinks about the discouraging production calendar for after"Binge -Modus"The wonderfully obsessive podcast, which comes together with Jason Conception, his dear friend and colleague in the wrestler.


In addition, the native of Reisterstown has a cold.

But when the conversation with a question about the shared reaction of the fans on the long -awaited winter fur fight of the Creators on the fantasy mythology and his fans for the late Jorah Mormont (represented by the excited skotic actor Iain Glen) begins.


This combination of torn analyzes, slightly disturbed enthusiasm and personal reflection without ornaments offers a snapshot, why Rubin, 32, has become a successful sports editor, but relatively anonymously for one of the most celebrated commentators of "Games of Thrones" on Earth.

Time Magazine has appointed its podcast with a concept to one of the 10 best from 2017 and 2018.Moments after each episode of "Game of Thrones" go to Twitter to see Rubin and Concepción to divide the events with his partner editor of Ringer Chris.Bill Simmons was founded, only enjoyed his most lucrative month, which in a healthy part through the intensiveHBOS epic imagination, which will end on May 19.

Rubin is both an open lover of self -creation as well as worrying stories, so this increase in meaning appears to be a combination of great and absurd.

"In the days when I still have 20,000 words of a copy to edit, it almost feels separated from my life from the reality of my life," she says."Jason and I would talk about these things as friends if nobody else listens. But it is a really special thing to say loudly:" I love it and here is why "and no one who is anyone who youfor that. "

Your mother of dragons,@MalloryRubinHe is angry#JonsnowThe ghost treatment and share your thoughts about it#Talkthetrone pic.twitter.com/ag50KnGzd5

- El Ringe (@rings)6. May 2019

His success confirms a few things that he has believed for for many years: that fantasy stories live and give feelings for countless people who could otherwise feel alone and that they will become quite real.That is why he loves the climatic moment in Harry Potter's books (subject to a 63 episodes "excess") when Harry has a conversation with his late Mentor Albus Dumbledore in his head.

"Of course it happens in his head, Harry," says Rubin, quoting Dumbledore in his memory."But why should it mean that it is not real?"

Rooted in sports

From the beginning, sports and fantasy stories coexisted in Rubin's kinetic brain.

Her parents divorced when she was 3 years old, and she and her sister mainly lived with her mother Sherri Bell, a teacher of Baltimore County, who gave them an enormous impulse and a sense of open humor (occasionally spicy).


But Rubin spent every two weekends with his father Barry.And the sport and the type of stories did not take long for it to become the currency of his father-daughter loyalty.

Barry Rubin met a shelf in Mallory's room and filled it with fantasy novels such as "Watership Down" and the works of J.R.R.Tolkien.

"Why did he do it?" She says."I think because the stories meant a lot for him when he was young, and now they mean a lot for him., And I think he wanted me to have that."

"Fortunately," says his father, "it wasn't something that she was boring."

Dragon Mother: Reisterstown's native, Mallory Rubins Passion, deepens the "Game of Thrones" podcast in the popular "Game of Thrones". (1)

It is like a very, very special thing to say loudly: "I love it open and here it is why" and nobody who can tear you down for it.

- Mallory Rubin, "Game of Thrones" podcast in the bell

At the same time, he filled his head with stories in the world of Baltimore Colts and Earl Weaver.Gibbons.When it was the Ravens, Ed Reed, a kind of magician in the real world, was his boy.


Nowadays she works in a kingdom of Boston and Philadelphia, but it is still a fan of Baltimore Sports.She broke at a birthday dinner with her husband Adam when Orioles secured the American League in 2014 and secured in 2014 and 2014 and secured in 2014.Your video is happily responding to the Ravens Campo de Campo selection in 2018, Lamar Jackson, is still a favorite for wrestlersOnce you feel too far away from home, your mother sends attention packages from Utz -Krabben -Chips and Berger cookies.

Rubin became a student journalist at the Franklin High School and strived to treat Orioles for Baltimore Sun.

She went to Syracuse, a well -known test field for sports journalists, in her first internship for Baltimore Publication Pressbox and moved to Sports Illustrated next summer.

"Game of Thrones" entered his life when he was in Sports Illustrated.In his good faith as a book reader, he actually saw the HBO program first.After the first season he devoured the five books by George R. R. Martin.

She exchanged analytical recordings with several colleagues on a blog that was hardly intended for public consumption.I even wrote a piece that the "Game of Thrones" houses with baseball franchise -latent.

He hadn't come to mind that "Game of Thrones" would generate an entire parallel industry for the commentators.However, the program met when Rubin Dan Fierman, the editorial director of the website, met in front of the wrestler of Simmons, Grantland.


"I am with this rather annoyed but passionate ... thing about Jon Snow's fatherhood," he recalls.

Rubin joined the staff and moved to California in August 2013

She waited, waited and waited ... but in the end,@MalloryRubin'S#NfldraftDreams have come true.#Rinnfl pic.twitter.com/NzF7N2sAmc

- El Ringe (@rings)27. April 2018

ESPN dismissed Simmons in May 2015 and graduated from Grantland five months later.One weeks before this announcement, Simmons hired four former employees to help him pull his next movement.Rubin was on this short list.

The "binge mode" is born

She began to make herself in the air with invited appearances in the podcasts of others and the HBO program "After the Thrones".


At the beginning of the following year, Simmons entered his office and said: "I have an idea for her" Binge mode ". He introduced Deep Podcasts for every episode of" Game of Thrones "that returns to season 1.

"I was sure that she and Jason would be really good in it," he says."I had no idea what would happen."

Before they joined the 60 first episodes in a crazy race, Rubin and Conception were friendly colleagues who knew that they shared certain obsessions.

But they went to sleep in 2017 as the closest of the compatriots.The big trick that didn't even notice that they were pulling was that the fans could hear their relationship deeply in real time.

"If one of us was 1% less hard work, we join. Many fantasy things: how nerd and emotionally you can be shameful in certain companies. But I think we have given ourselves permission to go overboard."


It seemed that a great time took place and every podcast started with an adult content to prepare the listeners for their blue humor and to develop a variety of jokes.Was he a Quidditch player in closet?)

In compound analysis passages with love, they also asked the audience to take these popular fantasy works such as literature into account, full of timeless themes of choice, human fallability and fate.

When they signed this first breed, Rubin and Concepción had no idea whether there would be more "Binge mode".But then they found themselves unexpectedly in the center of a world that they had created.She was the "mother of dragons" and he ". Master.


Reactions from the Anthill

Now is Sunday evening and Rubin is live on Twitter and shares his flash reactions to another episode that has many fans full of dissatisfaction.

"I don't like that" we say anyway that you have to suffer a kind of terrible trauma to become a better person."

Weekend clock


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Rubin, a pious supervisor of his cat, Halo, reserves his most passionate words for the momentWhen the mighty king of Westeros Jon Snow left his terrible pet wolf, ghost.

"I will kill you with my bare hands," she says, pointing to the camera as if Jon Snow would stand on the other."And you send it" You can't even stroke it?... I'm angry and I will never recover from it. "

The "compassionate mode" will not disappear after "Game of Thrones" concludes;Rubin indicates any immersion in "The Lord of the Rings".However, the show and the books have a vacuum for both life and the Rubin's career, which are considerable.

"I will be a human shell," they create a feeling of vacuum and despair.But that leads me to a second thing that I know is true ... that the best stories stay with us forever."

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